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On Saturday, April 16, eight Administrators from the Wayland Public Schools came to visit China for the week. There was Mr. Crozier, Mr. Longnecker, Ms. Mills, Ms. Gavron, Mr. Jones, Ms. Harvey, Mrs. Fletcher and Mrs. Coughlin.  They spent a fun filled weekend with their host families and arrived at JSYY bright and early on Monday morning.  After meeting with the JSYY Administrators and being introduced to the school before morning exercises, they took a tour of the beautiful school.  The school has five floors and is a sprawling building.  It is well taken care of with beautiful shiny floors and spacious hallways to accomodate the 2200 students.  The group met up with the Wayland students and observed them in their Mandarin and Independent Research Study class. 

It was a busy day!


The Administrators arrived at the JSYY school on Monday morning. The students exchanged

WeChats with their buddy administrator.  It was great to see everyone there. 


Administrators and students before entering the Forbidden City!


Clarissa with her buddy, Ms. Harvey. Can you guess where they are?​


Mr. Crozier, Mr. Jones and the other Administrators were welcomed with an elegant Hot Pot

dinner with the JSYY Adminstrators. It was a lovely evening.


Mr. Longnecker decides to lead the group on their voyage to the peak of the Great Wall.


The Administrators, their student buddies and the host siblings climbed the Great Wall. It was a lovely

day for all!


Off to Xi'an bright and early!


It took about 5 1/2 hours to get to Xi'an on the high speed train.


Mr. Crozier and the others rode around the City Wall to get a great view of Xi'an City!


After a visit to the Tang Dynasty Museum, the Administrators had a calligraphy lesson


We visited a village school in Pang Lui. Ms. Mills had been there years ago and even was part of the teacher

group that built a library there.  Now the library is bigger and the students use it each day.


Lunch break after visiting the Terra Cotta warrior factory! We learned that some people can really eat!


Short path that led us to see the pits of the Terra Cotta warriors. We could definitely say the pits were EGGstravagant.


We spent a day learning about and visiting The Terracotta Warriors.


Ms. Harvey, Mr. Jones and the others toured The Great Mosque in the Muslim Quarters.


Ms. Coughlin, Mr. Longnecker, and Ms. Mills exploring more of the Great Mosque.


We visited the Bazaar for some shopping. Ms. Coughlin was great at bargaining!

The students had a fun time with the Administrators. 

The Administrators departed for home on Monday, April 24.....

and the students returned to their studies at JSYY!