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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Andrew白智龙/Dick 张泽人

​From the moment Dick arrived, (minus a few minutes), until the moment he left,​ Dick and I ​​​​​always got along. He was a bit quiet at the start but full of questions. However, at the end  Dick was always talking, asking questions and taking pictures. Throughout Dick’s stay he would often drag me (often willingly) outside to play soccer. Even now when Dick has left Wayland, we still talk to each other. I’m so glad that for 8 weeks I was able to have another brother.

​Myle蓝麦尔 / Mike姜元路​​
Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 3.51.54 PM.png

​As Yuan Lu's stay progressed, so did our friendship. At the start, we seemed far apart and different, but after a trip to Cape Cod, playin​g basketball and chess with him, and helping him with his english homework, we were able to bond and we became great friends. He was so flexible. He went to church with us, he came to my parties with my friends outside the exchange program, and came to my basketball games. We also got to do some fun stuff too . We went to the Celtics game. We went to a golf tournament. We went to Cape Cod. His stay was an experience I will never forget.​

​​Clarissa 白玉凤/Cici 崔艺​​

​At first, it was hard for me to get used to living with a sibling from China, but no​​w Cici and I are really like sisters. There are cultural differences between our routines (Cici would always make her bed in the morning), but it’s easier to live together now that we understand those differences. I’ve gotten used to spelling out new words and trying (and failing) to explain the finer points of English grammar. Sometimes, Cici will try to say something and not know how exactly to say it in English. At those times, I try to infer what she means, and I’ve gotten much better at finding good ways to communicate. Other times, I’m struck by how fluent Cici’s English seems, and I feel that it will take me years to get that good at Chinese.​

​Julia 崔莉雅/Zoe​y​ 林惠子​
​​Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.55.13 AM.png

​From the beginning, Zoey was really kind, but also very shy. It was sometimes difficult to communicate during the first few weeks, but after awhile, she opened up more and we found that she was also really funny. One of Zoey's favorite places we went was the apple orchard. The day we went apple picking was cold and drizzly, but Zoey still had a bright smile on her face, and loved eating the warm cider donuts. She also had a lot of fun raking leaves and climbing the trees in my backyard before we went trick-or-treating on Halloween. It was hard ​​to pack everything in, but over the 8 weeks, we made so many memories, and now Zoey is like my third sister.​


​I got to know Steven before I met him in person. We emailed many times throughout the month.  Through our emails, I learned about Steven's  interests and the things we had in common. 

Steven was fun and a great addition to any group. He enjoyed relaxing and playing video games around the house. He would enjoy talking with the family and seeing everything around Boston. He was also the one around the house who actually did chores.​ We really liked having Steven around. I'm looking forward to seeing him in Beijing and learning more about him and his family. 

​​​​Edmond​​ Giang  江偉傑/ Kevin 


​Pengxiao was a polite student who, my family and I enjoyed having over. We enjoyed caring for him during his stay in America. At first, Pengxiao was very shy and quiet during his first two weeks here. Eventually he came out of his shell and became more comfortale not only talking with my family, but also the American students at the High school and American Exchange students. 

While he was in America, Pengxiao enjoyed playing video games, especially NBA 2K15. He loved it so much that he bought an xbox on his own and brought it back to China to play.​​​

​​​John Batarekh 白约汉/ Lydia ​李若溪

John + Lydia.jpg

​Every day that Lydia was here I got to know her a little better. We spent a lot of time together and did many things. I observed what she liked whle we were together. This way, I would know what she wanted to do and the things she liked most. I also introduced her to new foods like hamburgers and chicken nuggets. She liked playing board games, so we played chess and Spies.. Lydia loved ice cream.Every time we went somewhere where there was ice cream, Lydia would cheer up and chime in, "Let's get ice cream". We had ice cream a lot over the six weeks, she lived with us. I have many great memories of our time together and look forward to making more in Beijing.