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Andrew's ice-cream and hand-made dumplings..........mmm                                   Hot -pot lunch with host sibs!


Julia's Hot-pot lunch with Uncle.                          Party at Jessica's house.               Teacher's lunch each day.2.pic.jpgWeChat_1460948631.jpegWeChat_1460948778.jpegWeChat_1460948795.jpeg

Nathan, Edmond and Myle love Scorpian on a Stick.     Myle has a full dinner table every night with his host family!

WeChat_1462004178.jpegWeChat_1462004180.jpegWeChat_1462004179.jpeg   Myle was treated to a delicious Peking Duck Dinner!     Xi'an noodles are the best!                Popular drink at the mall!

WeChat_1462004181.jpegWeChat_1462591547.jpegWeChat_1462591543.jpeg Ms. Mills loved the freshly made noodles.       Peking Duck with friends.                               Delicious fish-shaped cheese. 

IMG_3966.jpg   IMG_3967.jpg   IMG_3968.jpg

Fruit salad with Dragon Fruit.                   A beautiful and delicious dish.                  Spicy chicken and vegetables.  

IMG_4438.jpg       IMG_4444.jpg          IMG_4437.jpg 

Fruit infused tea!  Delicious!                         An appetizer before dinner.                    Before dinner yogurt specialty.

IMG_4445.jpg       IMG_4389.jpgIMG_4425.jpg

Bamboo soup, fish and chicken.                  A classmate's birthday cake!                          Birthday party appetizers!

IMG_4480.jpg         IMG_4487.jpg      IMG_4483.jpg

      A fresh raw fish plate.                                  A sushi platter.                                 Scallops on the half shell   IMG_4485.jpg         IMG_4484.jpgIMG_4489.jpg      IMG_4484.jpg

    A delicious beef dish.                                     Wedding favors.                                  Clams on the half shell.