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The Wayland-Jingshan Yuanyang Branch

Student/Teacher Exchange Program​​​​​​​​

Welcome to Our Website

IMG_3137.jpgThis program seeks to promote cultural understanding, dispel stereotypes, develop global leaders, and build life-long friendships. We believe that it is critical for us in the public schools to ensure that our students are knowledgeable, open to different perspectives, have a curiosity and desire to learn, and are equipped with the cross-cultural competencies required to make global relations productive.  Providing substantive opportunities to live and learn together is our most promising path to mutual understanding, peace, and prosperity.​

After participation in this immersion program, students will appreciate and utilize a myriad strategies for understanding and negotiating across cultures—in host families, in classrooms, and in public places.  Students will reflect upon assumptions they have acquired as they develop a cross-cultural perspective about themselves and their place in the world.  Students will also examine recurring motifs in modern Chinese culture as they thoughtfully compare social, ethical, religious, and political differences between the United States and China.


November 1, 2015...........Good-bye friends... until we meet again.

On April 8, 2016​, seven adventurous Wayland High School students will leave Bost​​on, Massachusetts for a s​​ix-week cultural, educational exchange with the Beijing Jingshan School Yuanyang Branch in Beijing, China.

This is the fourth year of this shared cultural exchange between these two High Schools. Students live with host families and are immersed in Chinese life, culture and education as they attend school and live with their host siblings for 6 weeks.

This website has been established to share their personal experiences and to support the continued growth of this valuable program for Wayland and Beijing; America and China.​